kissed by a travel bug

And I think about what I would say to you right now when you were here. And I picture myself sharing with you my deepest desires, tell you how I feel. Tell you how you make me feel. About me. About you. Us. Until you understand every single element of my mind. And body. You would want me to want you. And you would never let me go.

You would never have to.

Together we rise into a firework and light up the mysterious sky. And we yearn for being the counterpart of the other, becoming the last missing puzzle piece of the other.


Together we inflame our sparks and undress our layers of facades. We devour one another with lustful kisses and unfold our tentacles around our bodies, ready to get lost in the eternal galaxies of passion. And we burn unforgettable memories onto each other’s souls until our last glow extinguishes in the night only to be forever remembered as stardust in our hearts.


But back to reality. I am here. Indulging in sweet moments of higher dimension and knowing that you are somewhere out there. Wandering. And maybe longing just a little as much as I do for one more.



Stay tuned and be part of my little adventures and share the love to travel! To be continued…

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