back to mai roots

Questions, questions, questions. I’ve always wondered what it was that made me feel incomplete. The scary sensation of not belonging perfectly to neither the Western nor Eastern hemisphere eats me up alive and frankly, I am sick of it. I swear, the day when I find the origin of who or whatever planted the idea of “picture perfect” in my head, I will give them a high kick in their silly and ugly face that will guarantee an entry in the Guinness World Records and make history in mankind.

Picking up random tiles to complete the edgy mosaic of my very own keeps me awake since I started thinking and eventually led to me overthinking, might be actually the reason why I am such a notoriously active owl of the night. Hmmm…No offense, my dear community of nocturnal animal buddies, I’ve never had the intention of vanishing to the world of daylight for forever. But the thought of extending my skill set to multitask within the habitat of early birds as they as well belong to my circle of beloved ones sounds swell, don’t you think? Why being satisfied with just half an empty glass if you can get the half full one? Better said: How to embrace that half full one over the half empty!

The older I get, the less compromises I am willing to make which results in doing, doing, doing and not figuring out how to wrap my head around the acceptance of being. Done questioning and beating myself up about things where the answers might lay right in front of you, I’ve summoned all my courage and made the bold move of deciding that I am ready for the answers. It’s about time! And there is no such thing as bad timing, only bad organization. Wherever it’s gonna take you I thought. So, where else to better start but in the heart of my being.


Oh, did I already mention that I am shitting my pants just by thinking of all the things that I think could happen?! But then again I think of all the things that wouldn’t.

I’d rather die trying to cross this road than not trying at all (made it after the 3rd attempt)

Stay tuned and be part of my little adventures and share the love to travel! To be continued…

kissed by a travel bug

And I think about what I would say to you right now when you were here. And I picture myself sharing with you my deepest desires, tell you how I feel. Tell you how you make me feel. About me. About you. Us. Until you understand every single element of my mind. And body. You would want me to want you. And you would never let me go.

You would never have to.

Together we rise into a firework and light up the mysterious sky. And we yearn for being the counterpart of the other, becoming the last missing puzzle piece of the other.


Together we inflame our sparks and undress our layers of facades. We devour one another with lustful kisses and unfold our tentacles around our bodies, ready to get lost in the eternal galaxies of passion. And we burn unforgettable memories onto each other’s souls until our last glow extinguishes in the night only to be forever remembered as stardust in our hearts.


But back to reality. I am here. Indulging in sweet moments of higher dimension and knowing that you are somewhere out there. Wandering. And maybe longing just a little as much as I do for one more.



Stay tuned and be part of my little adventures and share the love to travel! To be continued…